Document siam kawngah fimkhur ang u – CYMA

Document siam kawngah
fimkhur ang u – CYMA
Document hrang hrang siam leh pekchhuah kawngah fimkhur a tul tih Central YMA chuan a sawi.
Central YMA hnuaia Committee sang, CEC thuchhuak chuan Mizorama document pawimawh hrang hrang – Birth certificate, Residential certificate, Tribal certificate, Voters ID adt. pek chhuah kawngah, helam khawihtu hrang hrangte fimkhur turin a ngen tih sawiin, ‘Heng document pawimawh hi khua leh tuite chauhin kan neih tur a nih angin, a nei tur diktakte hnen a thlen theihna’n tan la tlang turin kan inngen a ni,’ a ti.
Rambuai avanga harsatna tawk, sahimna zawnga Mizoram lut Zofa unaute thlamuang taka awm turin Central YMA chuan a chah nawn a. Zofate inpumkhatna tichhe thei zawnga tumah awm lo tur leh, social media hrang hrangah pawh inunauna tichhe thei zawnga hma la lo tura mipui ngenin, ‘Zohnahthlak unau kan nihna vawngnung zel turin tan la theuh ang u,’ a ti.

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