Earth Day pualin zirlai intihsiak

Earth Day pualin zirlai intihsiak
Mizoram EIACP Hub, Mizoram Pollution Control Board-in kumin Earth Day puala intihsiakna Eco-Club school naupangte tana a buatsaih lawmman dawngtute chu Thawhtanni khan puan a ni a. Intihsiakna hi Mission LiFE programme hnuaia buatsaih niin category pahnihah then a ni.
Category I-ah primary school leh middle school naupangte tan lem inziahsiak “Say No To Plastic” tih thupui neia buatsaih a ni a, 1-na R. Vanlalmalsawma, Class IV, Sacred Heart Higher Secondary School Lunglei; 2-na Mike C Lalremruata, Class VI, Helen Lowry School Aizawl; 3-na Lalhriathlui Pachuau, Class VIII, Ar-Ells School Aizawl an ni.
Category II – high school leh higher secondary school naupangte tan “Alternatives to Single Use Plastics” tih thupui hmangin poster inziahsiak a ni a, 1-na S. Vabeilynapathai, Class IX, Adventist English Academy Siaha; 2-na Ruthi Vanlalpekhlui, Class XII, Synod HSS Aizawl; 3-na Andy Ramhlunmawia, Class X, Helen Lowry HSS Aizawl an ni.
Category pahniha lawmman dawngtute hi sumfai sum leh e-certificate pek an ni.

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