Excise office leh outpost tlawh

Excise & Narcotics minister Er Lalrinawma chuan Nilaini khan Excise Commissioner office, Aizawl District Excise office, Rangvamual Outpost leh Bawngkawna Excise ram a tlawh a. Commissioner Ngurchungnunga Sailo leh a thawhpui ten an lo dawngsawng.

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Excise department-a thawktute chu midang tana inpe thin leh midang nunna hial chhanhim sak thintu an ni, tiin, thahnemngai taka an thawh rah hian mimal leh chhungkua, khawtlang himna a thlen phah fo thin tih Er Lalrinawma hian a sawi. Ruihlo leh a kaihhnawihin chhungkua leh mimal, a bikin thalaite a tibuai nasa chu a vei tih sawiin, khawtlang mipui leh tlawmngai pawlte nena thawhhona tha neih zel a pawimawh tih a sawi a ni.

Minister hian Commissioner office-a room hrang hrang – laboratory, establishment, thana-te fangkualin thil tul leh mamawhte sawi ho a ni a. Aizawl District Excise office tlawhin asst. commissioner T Lalramzauva’n a lo dawngsawng a, thil tul leh mamawhte an sawiho. Excise & Narcotics Rangvamual Outpost a tlawh bawk a, Bawngkawn Thuampui Road-a Excise ram a enfiah leh a ni.

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