February thlaah India thawnchhuah tlahniam

India-in ram danga bungrua a thawnchhuah chu February thla khan 8.8% a tlahniamin $ 33.88 billion a thawnchhuak a, a lakluh pawh 8.2% a tlahniamin $ 51.31 billion a ni thung tiin Commerce Ministry chuan a tarlang.
Tun hi thla thum chhunga export a tlakhniam tum hnihna a ni tawh a, December 2022 a a tlakhniamna aiin February thla-a a tlakhniamna chu 3% laiin a sang zawk a ni.
January thla khan sorkar chuan export chu 6.6% a tlahniamin $ 32.91 billion hu a thawnchhuak a ti a, chu chu January 2022 a thawnchhuah a neih ai chuan 1.5% in a sang thung.
January tlaa ram dang bungrua a lakluh chu $ 52.33 billion hu niin kum kalta aiin 0.45% in a hniam bawk a. Merchandise trade deficit chu February thla khan $ 17.43 billion niin January thlaa $ 16.56 billion lakluh aiin a sang zawk hret thung.
Kum 2022-2023 thla 11 chhunga India total goods export chu $ 405.94 billion niin chu chu kum 2021-22 aiin 7.55% in a sang thung a. Imports erawh he tih chhung tho hian 18.82% a pungin kum khat kaltaa $ 550 billion atangin $ 653.47 billion-ah a kai chho thung.
India goods trade deficit chu kum 2021-22 a $ 247.53 billion aiin thla 11 chhungin 43.5%-in a sang zawk mek bawk.

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