FOCUS hmalakna thlir

FOCUS hmalakna thlir
Mamit District Level Coordination Commitee on Focus chu nimin khan an chairman, bawrhsap VL Remliana kaihhruaiin an thukhawm.
Report danin, kum 2022- 2023 chhunga FOCUS hmalakna sector – Agriculture, Horticulture, Soil & Water Conservation leh AH & Vety ah sum hmanral Rs. 4,46,75,872 a ni. Kum kal mek, April to June chhunga hmalakna leh hmachhawpte sawi a ni a. Hmalakna sector pali ah hian target achivement chu Rs. 2,01,97,110 a ni.
Focus leh AH & Vety MoU siam bawhzuiin vawkte sem tur rel a ni a. Kum kaltaa vawk note sem tur la pek fel loh harsatna sawiho niin, ASF leng vanga vawk note a hlawma lak tur a awm loh avangte, vawk note hmundang atanga lakluh khap a nih avangin, vawkvulh turten tualchhung ami lei a, an leina man an account-a thunsak mai nise, tia rawt chu pawm a ni.

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