Football pet turin robot inpeih tawh!

Mihring ruangam anga duan robot (full-sized humanoid robot) chi khat, a hminga ARTEMIS an vuah chu tunhnai khan Los Angeles, California, USA-a University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) Samueli School of Engineering-ah phochhuah niin, mechanical enginee-ring student-te duan-chhuah he robot hi football pawh khel thei tura duan a ni!
ARTEMIS hian tha taka chet vel a thei a, a balance a dik bakah na takin ball a pet thei a, hmalam a bawh thei bawk.
A din ngilin feet 4 leh inchi 8 (142 centimeters)-a sang niin, kg 38 (85 pounds)-a rit a ni bawk.
ARTEMIS hi ball pet thei tura duan mihring pian hmanga din robot hmasa ber niin, tunah hian khelmuala chhawpchhuah turin UCLA mechanical engineer-te hian an peih fel tawh a ni.
UCLA Samueli School of Engineering-a Mechanical & Aero-space Engineering de-partment professor Dennis Hong-a kaih-hruaina hnuaia team dinin an siamchhuah ARTEMIS hi FIFA World Cup lo awm leh turah hian chhawp-chhuah a ni dawn lo a, mahse, Hong-a team hian kumin July thla hian France ram khawpui pakhat Bordeaux-a RoboCup-ah an thil siamchhuah thar hi an phochhuak dawn a ni.

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