Forest department hnathawh thlir

Forest department hnathawh thlir
Ningani khan forest minister TJ Lalnuntluanga’n New Secretariat Complex Road-a Chief Wildlife Warden Office a hawng a, chumi zawhah Chief Wildlife Warden Office Conference Hall-ah Forests & Climate Change (EF&CC) department hotute nen meeting neiin, department hmalakna hrang hrang an thlir.
“Department-in hma kan sawn zel a, kan mi hmasa minister te, officer te theihtawpa hma an lo lak tawhnaah lawmthu ka sawi a ni,” minister chuan a ti. Minister chuan EF&CC hnuaia thawkte zawng zawng an thawhrimnaah a fak a, hma an sawn zel theihna tura tan la lehzual turin a fuih.
EF&CC Minister Pu TJ Lalnuntluanga’n a hawn tak Chief Wildlife Warden Office hi 2016-17 khan sak tan a ni a, he Office hi official-a hawn a nih hmain an sak zawh chin apiang sorkar sum remchem nan luah nghal zel a ni a, tunah hian a pum puia luah theih tura peihfel a ni ta a ni.
Green India Mission(GIM) chungchang an sawiho a, he mission hnuaia Agro-Forestry kalpui mek chu kuthnathawktuten nasa zawka an hman tangkai theih dan tur te ngaihtuah ho a ni. JICA Project hmachhawp chungchang te, ram kang a lo tlem theih nana hmalak dan tur te, forest clearance leh thil danga dan bawhchhiatna awm thei chungchang bakah thil dang pawimawh tak tak te an ngaihtuah a ni.

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