G20 meeting-ah palai lawk 40 tel

India Foreign Secretary Vinay Kwatra chuan March 1-2 a Rashtrapati Bhavan-a G20 Foreign Ministers meeting chu India presidency hnuaia ministerial meeting tum hnihna a nih thu a sawi a. “Tun hi G20 a Foriegn Minister meeting lian ber a la ni a. India independence hnua Amrit Kaal period laiin Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam theme a keng a ni,” tiin Kwatra chuan a sawi a. Meeting-ah palai 40 an tel thu a sawi.
Sawihona hmasa berah food leh energy security sawiho a ni a. Kwatra chuan heng thil pahnih te hi developing ram te tan chuan thil pawimawh tawp a nih thu a sawi a. Hei mai bakah hian climate financing leh mitigation issues te chu global South tana pawimawh niin agenda-ah a tel lo thei lo a ti a.
Russia-Ukraine indona chuan sawihona tur te nasa takin a hliahkhuh lo thei lo tia sawiin Kwatra chuan sawihona neiha thutlukna siam a nih dan tur sawi lawk theih a ni lo a ti bawk a.
Japan Foreign Minister Yoshimasa Hayashi an G20 meeting a tel thei lo tur chu Kwatra chuan, “India leh Japan chuan inzawmna nghet tak a nei a ti a. Japan FM hian ram chhungah thil pawimawh avangin a tel thei lo tih kan hria a, Japanese palai te nen sawihona tha kan neih ngei pawh kan ring,” tiin a sawi.
Hayashi aiah hian Deputy Foreign Minisetr Kenji Yamada chu a tle dawn thung niin Japan Ministry of Foreign Affairs chuan a tarlang.
March 2 hian India External Affairs Minister S. Jaishankar chuan session tum hnih a kaihruai dawn a ni.

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