German-in fighter jet Ukraine pe dawn lo

German Chancellor chuan Ukrakine hnenah fighter jet an pek dawn loh thu a sawi chiang nghal a, mahse, tank erawh an pek tur thu a sawi thung.
German newspaper tena an kawmnaah Olaf Scholz chuan indona atana ralthuam inpek hlauhawmna a sawi a. Mahse, Ukraine chuan allied nations te chu Russia beihlet nana theihna nasa zawk a neih theih nan ‘fighter jet’ pe turin a ngen a ni.

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US chuan fighter jet pek chungchang hi Kyiv nen uluk takin an sawi dun mek tiin a sawi ve thung.

Tagesspiegel tena an interview naah Scholz chuan an thlurbing mek chu Leopard 2 tanks pek a nih thu a sawi a. “Tank pek turin thutlukna kan siam fel chiah a, tunah Germany ah inhnialna nasa tak a awm zui a ni,” tiin a sawi.

Kar kalta Nilaini khan Germany chuan Ukraine hnenah Leopard 2 tank 14 a pek tur thu a lo sawi tawh a, US pawhin Ukraine hnenah M1 Abrams tank a pe dawn bawk.
Ukraine’s deputy foreign minister, Andrii Melnyk chuan ‘fighter jet coalition’ siam tura ngenin chumi hmang chuan Ukraine hnenah US in F-16 leh F-35 te, Eurofighters, Tornadoes, French Rafaels leh Swedish Gripen jets te a dawng thei dawn a ni tiin ngenna a siam a ni.

Ukrainian presidential adviser Mykhailo Podolyak pawhin Ukraine’s Freedom Television Network hnenah Russia army key weapons te nasa taka tihniam turin missile tha zawk an mamawh tiin a sawi bawk.

Ukraine president Volodymyr Zelensky pawhin an ram chuan US siam ATACMS missile, 185 miles kap pha chu an mamawh tiin a sawi bawk a. Heng missile-te hian Russia-in urban areas leh civilian te tamna a beihna lakah a venghim zual thei tiin a sawi.

Mahse, Washington chuan heng ralthuamte hi Ukraine hnenah a la pe duh lo va. Tagesspiegel tena an interview naah pawh Scholz chuan Nato chu Russia nen an indo lo tia sawiin chutiang lam hawia thil a kal an duh dawn lo a ti bawk.

Russia President Vladimir Putin nena an inbiak fo thu sawiin an inbiakna hnuhnung ber pawh December 2022 kha a ni tiin a sawi a. “Kan inbiak fo a ngai a ni” tia sawiin chuti chung chuan Russia-in Ukraine a run chu pawm theih loh bur tia sawiin Russia-in a sipai a hnuhdawk chauh lo chu he buaina chinfel mai ngaihna awm lo tiin a sawi bawk.

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