Golden State Warriors in Kings an nihrual

Thawhtan zing khan NBA playey-off khelh chhunzawm a ni a. Champion lai Golden State Warriors chuan Sacramento King an hneh nawn leh a, series-ah 2-2 a ni ta chiah. Inkhel dangah New York Knicks chuan 3-1 a hmahruai turin Cleveland Cavaliers an hneh ve bawk.
Play-off game hmasa pahniha tlawm zawn Golden State Warriors an insiamtha a, semi-final lut thei turin hma an sawn. Warriors leh Kings te hi play-off game linaah an inhnehtawk viau a, an insan chhawk zak zak. Chak zawk tur rin thiam har khawpa an inhnehtawk hnuin Warrios hian point 126-125 in Kings an hneh thei hram a, game hmasa pahnihah an tlawm zawn hnuin game hnuhnung pahnihah an chak zawn ve ta thung.
Thawhtan zinga inkhel dangah 2-1 a hmahruai tawh New York Knicks chuan an khingpui Cleveland Cavaliers an hneh nawn leh a, semi-final an hnaih leh zual. Knicks hian khelh hmabak pathum an la neihah semi-final lut turin vawi khat chak chiah an mamawh tawh. Inkhel dangah Denver Nuggets chuan semi-final luh theihna hun tha hmasas an hloh a, 3-0 a hmahruai tawh Nuggets hianMinnesota Timberwolves chu point 114-108 in an hneh lo.

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