Heat an chak nawn leh

Inrinni zing khan NBA Eastern Conference final game ngana khelh a ni a, chak lo thiang tawh lo Boston Celtics chuan Miami Heat an hneh nawn leh a, final luh beiseina an nei chhunzawm zel.
Game hmasa pathuma tlawm zawk Celtics hian chak nawn leh ngei tumin Miami Heat an hmachhawn a, bul an tan tha viau nghe nghe. Chak ngei tuma inlan Celtics hi quarter hmasa berah point 15 ngawtin chungnung zawkah an tang a. Quarter hnihnaah point hnihin chungnung zawkah an tang zui leh a, point 17 a hmahruai chungin chawlhlawk an hmang.
Chawlhlawk hnu lamah inkhel a hmuhnawm leh zual a, Celtics leh Heat an inhnehtawk ta hle. Quarter thumnaah point khata Celtics an chungnung hnuin quarter hnuhnung berah point ngain Heat an chungnung ve thung. Quarter hnuhnung berah point 5 in chungnung zawk ni mah se Heat hian point 12 in an khingpuite an umphak lova, final luh an tumna an la puitlin thei rih lo.
Games nganaah tlawm mahse Miami Heat hian series-ah 3-2 in hma an la hruai a. Khelh hmabak game hnih la awmah final lut turin vawi khat chak chiah an mamawh tawh. 0-3 ngawta an hnufual hnua vawi hnih an chak zawn vangin Celtics in Heat an hnaih ta viau a. Game hnih an chak zawn leh thei a nih chuan NBA play-off ah 0-3 a hnufual chunga an khingpuite lehthal thei hmasa ber an ni ang.

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