Hebrai Bible $38M-in an hralh

Codex Sassoon Hebrew Bible chu lilam lam timi Sotheby’s-in an lilam a, dollar maktaduai 38-in an hralh. Sotheby’s chuan he Hebrai Bible hi ‘hriat theih china Hebrai Bible kimchang hmasa ber’ tiin an sawi.
Codex Sassoon hi AD 900 vela ziah kha niin an sawi a, a ziaktu pawh hi Juda mithiam, tuna Israel emaw Syria emaw a cheng hi niin zirmi te chuan an sawi. He lehkhabu hi a kum za tel a pilbo vang vang a, 1929-ah a rawn lang ve leh hlawl mai a, thil hlui lakkhawm lama tui David Solomon Sassoon-a kutah a rawn thleng ta a ni. Ani hi Hebrai lehkha hlui chi hrang hrang lakhawm nasa ber niin an sawi.
US Ambassador to Romania ni thin, Alfred H. Moses-a’n lilam naah American Friends of ANU aiawhin a lei a, Codex chu ANU Museum of the Jewish People, Tel Aviv-ah mipui en theihin March ni 23 atangin March ni 29 thleng khan an phochhuak nghe nghe a ni.
Tuna Codex Sassoon lilam tura rawn theh chhuak tu hi Jacqui Safra a ni a, ani hian he Codex hi 1989 khan dollar maktaduai 3.19-in a lei a, pawisa hlutna tlakhniam dan atangin an chhutin hetihlaia dollar maktaduai 3.19 hi tunlaia dollar maktaduai 7.7 nen intluk angin an chhut a ni.

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