Jeff Bezos leh Sanchez an inhual

Amazon founder, khawvela pahausa ber te pawh lo ni zak zak tawh Jeff Bezos, kum 59, leh journalist Lauren Sanchez, kum 53, te chu kum li vel zen zawn an inzui hnuah an inhual ta. Anni pahnih hi 2019-a Jeff leh a nupui MacKenzie Scott te an inthen hnu lawka inzui ta nghal an ni.
Jeff hian a nupui hlui MacKenzie nen fapa pathum neiin, fanu pakhat an adopt bawk a, Sanchez pawh hian a pasal hlui Patrick Whitesell nen fapa pakhat leh fanu pakhat neiin, a ex Tony Gonzalez lakaj fapa kum 22 mi, Nikko a nei tawh bawk.
Jeff Bezoz leh MacKenzie te chuan 2019 khan kum 25 an inneih hnuah inthen an tum thu an puang thut mai a, hetih lai pawh hian Jeff leh Sanchez te hi a ruktein an lo in-chu-kha tawh niin an sawi. MacKenzie nena an inthennaah hian Jeff Bezoz pawhin a hausakna a hloh hnem hle a, MacKenzie hian dollar tluklehdinginawm 30 vel zenzawn chhuahpuiin, an inthen hnuah khawvela hmeichhe hausa ber a ni zui ve ta nghal mai a ni!

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