Hmeichhiaah coffee-in depression risk a tihniam

Mithiam ten zirchianna an neih tharah coffee hian hmeichhiaah depression risk a tihniam thei niin an sawi.
Caffeine chu central nervous system stimulant atan hman lar a ni a, coffee-ah caffeine hi a tam hle a ni.

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Harvard School of Public Health, Boston-a mithiam ten US-a hmeichhia 50,739-ah zirchianna hi neiin, May 1980 atanga April 2004 thlenga an caffeine consumption te chu questionaire hmangin an teh a ni.

Heta tanga an hmuh dan chuan hmeichhia kar khatah caffeinated coffee no khat tal kartin in ziah te aiin nitin coffee no 2-3 in thin te chu depression an neih theihna risk hi 15% in a hniam zawk niin an sawi a, nitin coffee no 4 chin in te phei chu depression an neih theihna risk hi 20% in a hniam zawk niin an sawi.

Zirchiannaa an hotupa Michael Lucas chuan, “Ceffeine emaw, caffeinated coffee emawin depression risk a tihniam theih dan hi chu kan la hre bik chuang lo, caffeine-in depression awm tur a veng thei tihna a ni lova, a risk a tihniam thei tih chauh a ni,” a ti.

He zirchianna chungchang hi Journal of the American Medicine Association, Internal Medicine-ah tihchhuah a ni.

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