Hmun hnihah kuhva man

Hmun hnihah kuhva man
Saitual Police chuan Inrinni zan khan kuhva rah bag 90 (kg. 6300 vel) chu Saichal junction Saitualah truck pakhat atangin an man a, a khalhtu Lalchharliana, Zokhawthar Champhai district nia inchhal pawh manin, Customs Preventive Force Seling kutah an hlan a ni.
Inrinni zan tho khan Chhingchhip Police Outpost chuan kuhva rah bag 180 (kg. 12600 vel) chu Tuikum, Hmuntha Road-ah truck 5- Rothanmawia (26), Zotlang Champhai district; Laltlanchhuaha (29), Lalrokima (42), Lalthazuala (21) leh Joel Lalrinsanga (31), Ruantlang Champhai district nia inchhal vekte khalh atangin an man. Thil man hi Zotlang Champhai atanga an phurh niin, Khawzawl – Rabung – Kawlkulh – Chhawrtui – Maite – Hmuntha kaltlangin Aizawl an pan a ni. Customs Preventive Force Lungleia hlan a ni.

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