Horti College zirlai Thailand-ah

College of Horticulture, Central Agriculture University Thenzawla B.Sc (Horti) final year zirlai titha thlanchhuah mi pahnih chuan thla khat chhung awhin Thailand-ah training an nei dawn.
College of Horticulture, CAU Thenzawla class topper leh pahnihna – Nyari Taku (Arunachal Pradesh) leh Lijanbeni Ovung (Nagaland) te chu thla khat awh tur Thailand-a Queen Siri-kit Botanic Garden, Chiangmai-a ‘Workshop on Entrepreneurship opportunities in Agriculture and related aspects’ (under IDP, NAHEP) neiha kal tura thlan niin, Thawhtanni khan Horticulture College Thenzawl Vengthar atangin an chhuak a, college dean Dr Shri Dhar chuan a vailiam.
Hetiang training hi ram hrang hrang university tan buatsaih thin niin, tun hi College of Horticulture Thenzawl atanga zirlai thlan an nih leh an tel tum khatna a ni. Training-ah hian zirlai 83 kalin hmarchhak state hrang hrang bakah Orissa, Bihar, West Bengal leh Rajasthan atangin zirlai an kal a ni.

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