Horticulture-ah hausak theihna khawp kan nei – CM Zorama

Horticulture lamah state economy tihmasawn a, hausak theihna Mizoramin a nei tih chief minister Zoramthanga chuan a sawi.

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Mizoram Horticulture Service Association (MHSA) chuan Thawhlehni khan Aizawlah general conference vawi 25-na an hmang a. He hun hmanpuitu chief minister chuan horticulture tharchhuah – thei, thlai, pangpar leh mau chu state economy tihmasawn a, hausak theihna khawp tharchhuak tura theihna Mizoramin a nei tih sawiin, “Chu potential chu haichhuak turin kuthnathawktute kaihruaitu Horticulture department-in pawimawhna lian tak a nei a ni,” a ti.
Conference thupuia thlan “Off Season Cultivation-Harnessing the Untapped Potential” chu tha a tih thu sawiin, Mizoram sik leh sa nuam tak, ruahtui that bawknaah chuan enkawl dan thiam tan a hun lo (off season) ah pawh thlai a tharchhuah teuh teuh theih tho avangin hetiang zirhona an siam chu lawmawm a tih thu a sawi.

Covid19 hrilen laia Horticulture department-in thei leh thlai hralhna tur supply chain tha tak a siam chu fakawm a tih thu chief minister hian a sawi a. Thlai leh thei thar hralhchhuahna tur ‘market chain’ siam chu agriculture leh horticulture eizawnna hlawhtlinna atana pawimawh tak a ni tih a sawi. State pawna hralhchhuah tum chuan hlawk tham tharchhhuak turin mihring tha chauha innghat loa a remchang apianga khawl hman leh, sawrkarin a thawh chauha innghat loa mimal leh pawl anga hmalakna a pawimawh tih a sawi bawk.

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