HOUSEFED pisa thar hawng

ooperative society-te din Mizoram Housing Cooperative Federation Ltd (HOUSEFED) pisa thar MIZOFED Head Office building, MINECO ami chu Nilaini khan Cooperation minister C. Lalrinsanga’n a hawng.

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Hun rei tak hnu ah HOUSEFED tihnun thar leh a ni chu lawmawm a tih thu an lakah beiseina sang tak a neih thu Cooperation minister hian a sawi a. Cooperative movement chu tangkai taka kan hmanthiam a ngai, tiin, mipuite mamawh phuhruk kawngah cooperative society-ten tun aia nasa zawka tan lak a, tanrual a ngai tih a sawi a ni.

HOUSEFED hi primary multipurpose cooperative society (MCS) 10 – Ramhlun Vengthar MCS, Ramhlun South MCS, Sihphir MCS, Sihphir Venghlun MCS, Sihphir Women MCS, Saron Veng MCS, Nursery Veng MCS, Luangmual MCS, MIZOFED Employees MCS leh Bawngsa Zuar MCS in an din a ni a; 2022 July 26-a din niin, November 25-ah registration certificate an nei a ni.

HOUSEFED chairman hi Lalzahawma Khiangte a ni a, vice-chairman chu Ropiangliana a ni.

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