India leh Egypt ten thawhhona thuthlung panga siam

India leh Egypt te chuan January 25, 2023 khan ram pahnih inlaichinna ‘strategic partnership’ a hlangkaia political, security, defence, energy leh economic lama thawhhonaa hlankai chhoh turin inremna an ziak a.

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Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi chu Republic Day celebration-ah Chief Guest a ni dawn bawk a. Prime Minister Narendra Modi chuan extremist forces ten cyber space an hmang sual nasa tia sawiin ram pahnihte chuan he mi kawngah hian thawhdunna tha zawk an neih a ngai a ti.

“India chuan Egypt chu G-20 summit-ah special guest-ah a sawm a, kan inzawmna thatzia kan lantirna a ni. India-Egypt strategic partnership hnuaiah political, security, economic leh scientific areas-ah te kan thawk dun ang,” tiin Prime Minister Modi chuan a sawi.

President El Sisi pawhin civilisation pahnih chu tun hma atanga intan tawh tia sawiin Egypt chuan Indian tourists tam zawk a welcome reng a ti bawk a.

Ram pahnih ten thawhhona MoU panga laiah ziakin chungte chuan culture, cooperation on youth matters, cyber security, information and technology (IT) leh public broadcasting te a tel a.

“Prime Minister Modi hi small leh medium scale industry tena digital connection permanent channel an neih theih nana hma la turin ka ngen a, chu chu mi pangngai nun a tinuam dawn a ni. Defence lama thawhdunna lam pawh kan sawi a, joint military exercise kan neihin chu chu a pholang chiang bawk,” tiin President El-Sisi chuan a sawi bawk a. Prasar Bharati leh National Media Authorit of Egypt te chuan Hyderabad House a formal ceremony neihah MoU an ziak a ni.

President El-Sisi chuan PM Modi chu Egypt tlawh tura ngenin hei bakah hian New Delhi leh Cairo air connectivity tipung turin a ngen bawk.

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