IPR office leh IPRO ngen

Hnahthiala Mizoram Journalists’ Association chuan Information & Public Relations Officer leh thawktu dangte IPR department hmun awmsaah dahsak thuai turin Mizoram sawrkar an ngen.
MJA Hnahthial District hian Inrinni khan annual conference vawi khatna an hmang a. Addl. SP Hnahthial District Bijoy Gurung leh Hnahthial South-III VCP K Lalremliana ten an hmanpui.
Conference-ah hian resolution pahnih an pass a. Mizoram sawrkarin Hnahthial district a pe leh a tihpuitlin sak mek chu lawmawm an tiin, tun dinhmuna an mamawh I&PR officer leh staff dah sak thuai turin an duh a; hun rei tak MJA Hnahthial-in neitu thinlung pua Hnahthiala hmun tha lai taka I&PR department ram an lo humhalhah I&PR department office leh quarters sak sak thuai turin sawrkar an ngen.
MJA Hnahthial District hi, district-a puan an nih hmain Mizorama MJA Sub Division awmchhun niin, kum 14 Sub Division-a an awm hnuin, 2022 January 12 khan district-a hlankai a ni a, tunah hian member 6 an awm a ni.

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