Jack Dorsey hausakna $526M-in a kiam thut

Jack Dorsey hausakna $526M-in a kiam thut
Block Inc. co-founder Jack Dorsey hausakna chu Hindenburg Research report thar ber avangin Ningani kalta khan ni khat thil thuah dollar maktaduai 526-in a tlahniam thut a, nikhat thil thuah Dorsey hausakna tlakhniam nasat ber a la ni. Tunah chuan Jack Dorsey hausakna hi dollar tluklehdingawn 4.4 angin Bloomberg Billionaire Index chuan a tarlang a, a hausakna hi 11%-in a tlahniam a ni.
Hindenburg report Ningani kaltaa an tihchhuahah Block sum tihchet vel danah thil felhlel a awm niin an tarlang a, hei vang hian Block hlutna hi 22%-in a tlahniam nghal thut a ni.
Dorsey hi Twitter co-founder niin, tunah chuan a hausakna tam zawk hi Block nena inzawm a ni tawh. Bloomberg-in mihausa te hausak zawng an chhut danah tunah chuan a firm hlutna hi dollar tluklehdingawn 3 niin an chhut a, Elon Musk-a’n a lei tak, Twitter-ah pawh dollar maktaduai 388 vel a la nei niin an tarlang bawk.
Nathan Anderson-a kaihruai Hindenburg report avangin mihausa te hausakna a tlahniam thut thut mai a, chung zingah chuan Indian billionaire Gautam Adani pawh a tel a, Adani hausakna hi a tluklehdingawn 10 tel tak meuh meuhin a tlahniam a, Adani hi khawvela hausa ber dawttu te pawh a lo ni tawh a, Bloomberg Billionaire Index tharah chuan hausak lamah 21-na niin, a hausakna hi dollar tluklehdingawn 60.1 angin an chhut.

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