Joshua hmachhhawn tur Jermaine Franklin

Boxing ah palian huanga boxer lar Anthony Joshua chu ring chhungah inhnek turin a kir leh dawn a, April ni 1 khian O2 Arena-ah inhnek turin American Jermaine Franklin nen an inrem tawh.
Palian huanga champion hlui Anthony Joshua hi Ukranian boxer Oleksandr Usyk lakah a tlawm zawn a, a kawnghren kawl WBA, WBO leh IBF a hloh fai vek. Usyk lakah vawihnih a tlawm zawn hnu hian inhnek a la hmachhawm leh lova, Tyson Fury leh Demsey McKean nen indawrna thui tak an nei hnuin Jermaine Franklin nen hian inremna an nei leh ta zawk. Joshua hian a tlawm zawn tawhna siam tha a, kawnghren chuh thei turin Franklin hi hneh ngei a tum hle dawn a. Novbember, 2022 ah Dillian Whyte laka tlawm Franklin hian Joshua hneh ngei a tum bawk ang.

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Anthony Joshua hmachhawn tur Jermaine Franklin hian inhnek vawi 21 hmachhawn tawhin, vawi 20 a chak a, mi 20 a hneh zingah 14 a kock-out a, vawikhat a tlawm tawh thung. Hetihlai hian Joshua hian inhnek vawi 27 a hmachhawn tawh a, vawi 24 chakin, vawithum tlawm zawkah a tang tawh thung.

Boxing ngainatuten an hmuh chak em em chu British boxer ta pahnih Tyson Fury leh Anthony Joshua te inhnek a ni a. Anni pahnih hian kum liam ta khan inremna an nei hman thelh a, chhuanlam engemaw siamin Tyson Fury chuan an indawrna a titawp. Palian huanga kawnghren pathum kawl kawp mek Oleksandr Usyk leh kawnghren pakhat kawl mek Tyson Fury ten palian huanga tha ber fiah turin inhnek an tum uk uk thin bawk a. Kum 2023 chhung hian Usyk leh Fury te hi an inhnek thei a nih chuan boruak an nei lian hle ngei ang.

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