Kar khat chhunga US-a lar ber TOMORROW X TOGETHER

K-pop group TOMORROW X TOGETHER chu kar khat chhunga US-a zaithiam lar ber niin, Billboars Artist 100 chart-ah a vawi khat an No.1 a, he chart-a South Korean group No.1 thei parukna niin, BTS, BLACKPINK, SuperM, Stray Kids leh TWICE te hnung an zui ve ta a ni.

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Billboard Artist 100 chart hi kar khat chhunga US-a zaithiam lar dan tehna niin, chart ranking siam nan hian kar khat chhunga US-a an album leh hla hralh tam dan te, radio airplay leh streaming te chu tehna pawimawh a ni.
TXT hian an album The Name Chapter: TEMPTATION hralh that zar an zo a, he album hi kar khat chhungin copy 1,61,000 hralhin, Billboard 200 (albums) chart No.1-ah a debut a, albums chart-a an album No.1 kai thei hmasa ber a ni bawk.

TXT hi Billboard Artist 100 chart-ah an vawi khat No.1-na a ni a, he chart-ah hian tun hnaiah K-pop group an No.1 thei riau a, BTS pawh vawi 21 an No.1 tawh a, BLACKPINK vawi hnih No.1 tawh bawkin, midang zawngin hi chu vawi khat theuh an No.1 tawh thung.

He chart-ah hian Sam Smith chu No.47 atangin No.9-ah a invawrh a,, November 2020 hnua he chart top 10-a a lan lehna hmasa ber a ni. Sam Smith album thar ‘Gloria’ chu copy 39,000 hralhin Billboard 200 chart No.7-ah a debut a, hei hian Artist 100 chart-ah a vawrh sang ta a ni. Sam Smith hi he chart-ah hian tum li a lo No.1 tawh nghe nghe a ni.
Artist 100 Top 10:
2 Taylor Swift
4 Morgan Wallen
5 Miley Cyrus
6 The Weeknd
7 Luke Combs
8 Drake
9 Sam Smith
10 Harry Styles

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