Kawng laih zauh tumna enfiah

Kawng laih zauh tumna enfiah
Aizawl City Junction Improvement scheme atanga thawh tura ruahman junction pahnih – Vaivakawn 7th Day Tlang to Upper Kanan Junction leh DM&R office kawmthlang kawng kual lai zauh tur chu thawh tan a nih thuai theihna’n Thawhlehni khan UD&PA changtu deputy chief minister Tawnluia hoin a hmunah en a ni.
Hmalak dan tura ruahmante sawiho a ni a, 7th Day Tlang panna to Upper Kanan Junction hi PWD lamin Geology & Mineral Resources department-in a siam dan tura an tih angin estimate siam se, kar khat hnuah thawh tan nise tih a ni.
Disaster Management & Rehabilitation directorate kawmthlang kawngkual lai tihzauh tur chu ruahmanna awm tawh angin UD&PA lamin hma lo la tan se tih a ni a. Furpui intan hmaa zo tura chak taka hma lak nise tih a ni.
Tunhnaiah hian UD&PA department hnuaiah junction pawimawh tak tak – Chaltlanga DIET peng Junction, Chanmari Junction, Ramhlun North Industry peng Junction leh Ramthar North Junction thawh zawh a ni tawh a ni.

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