Kejriwal an ‘degree’ thilah PM Modi bei zui zel

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal chuan Gjarat High Court in thutlukna siama Prime Minster Narendra Modi degree chungchang chu mamawh a ni lo a tih chuan a zirna chugnchangah zawhna tam tak a siam a ti.
“Uneducated emaw less educated PM chu India tana hlauhawm a ni” tiin Kejriwal chuan a sawi a, PM thusawi thenkhat chu ‘science nena inmil lo’ tiin a sawi bawk.
Delhi Chief Minister chuan Prime Minister in a degree a lailan duhlohna chhan chu pahnih a awm thei a ti a. “A ego san em avangin midang te a hrilh duh lo a ni thei a, mahse, chu chu democracy ah chuan thil rem lo a ni. A dang leh chu a degree chu a lem a ni thei” tiin a sawi.
Karkalta Zirtawp khan Guharat High Court chuan kum 2016 a Central Information Comission (CIC) in GHujarat University chu Prime Minister Narendra Modi a MA degree kimchang Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal hrilh tura a tih chu a hnawl sak a. Court chuan Rs 25,000 a chawitir zui zawk hial a ni.
Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) MP Sanjay Singh pawhin Prime Minister chu a beizui nghal bawk a. Press conference a neihnaah Sanjay Singh chuan Prime Minister chu thusawi mak deuh deuh sawi thinah puhin science leh history emaw geography ah hriatna a neih tlem zia a lang a ti bawk a.
Prime Minister, mipui vaibelchhia 140 tena an thlantlin chuan mipuite hnenah a degree lailangin a diltute a chawitir tur a ni lo” a ti bawk a.
“Ramin PM in eng nge a zirchiah hriat theihna dikna an nei lo em ni? Court ah pawh a degree pholan tihtakzetin a hreh a, eng vang nge? PM degree en dil tu te chawi tir zel an ni dawn em ni? Eng nge thleng mek? Lehkhathiam lo PM neih hi ram tana hlauhawm tak a ni” tiin a sawi bawk.

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