Khawvela kawr lian ber an siam

Khawvela kawr lian ber an siam
April ni 22 kha International Earth Day a ni a, Kaufland Romania leh 11even Association chuan Romanian Rubgy Federation thawhpuiin, ‘Khawvela kawr lian ber’ an siam a, he kawr lian hi Guinness World Record pawhin a pawmpui a ni.
He kawr hi T-shirt niin, recycled plastic atanga textile an lak khawm atanga an siam a ni a, 2,50,000 PETs (Polyethylene terephthalate) chuang an hmang a, Inrinni kalta khan ‘Arcul de Triumf’ National Rugby Stadium, Bucharest-ah record siam a nih thu hi an puang a ni. He kawr lian hi hetiang lama mithiam rualin Guinness World Record aiawh enpuina hnuaiah strict takin an teh a ni.
He kawr hi kg 3,600 vela rit a ni a, rugby pitch ang tiat vel niin, meter 108.96 a sei, meter 73.48 a zau a ni. He kawrah hian Romania national flag lem an dah tel a, trocolor belt, Romanian rugby team official jersey-a an hman thin ang a tel bawk.

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