Korea rama rit chawi tur Rinnunga

Korea rama rit chawi tur Rinnunga
May 3-13, 2023 chhunga Jinju, South Korea-a Asian Senior Weightlifting Championships 2023 khel tur India team chuan Korea an thleng a, an zingah hian Mizo star Jeremy Lalrinnunga a tel a, Mizoram Weightlifting Association chuan Jeremy duhsakna hlan chungin Mizoram mipuite tawngtaipuina an ngen nghal.
China ram khawpui pakhat Hangzou-a kumin September ni 30 atanga October ni 7 chhunga khelh tur 19th Asian Games khel pha tur zawnna a nih nghal avangin Ainawn veng tlangval tan Asian Senior Weightlifting Championship hi a pawimawh hle dawn a ni.
Paris khawpuiin 2024 Olympic Games a thlen hunah tuna Jeremy Lalrinnunga khelh mekna kg 67 huangah hian medal a awm dawn lo a, hei vang hian Jeremy tan a rihna tisanga kg 73 huanga a khelh a ngai dawn a, mahse, tuntum Asian Senior Weightlifting Championship-ah hi chuan kg 67 category-ah medal a awm a, Jeremy pawhin he category-ah hian a la khel dawn a, hemi hnu lamah hian a sulhnu leh hnuhma enin kg 73 huanga Olympic qualifiers pawh la hmachhawn zui leh tur a ni.

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