Kum khatah mi pakhatin nuai 1.8 vel thawkchhuak

Kum 2019- 2020 chhungin Mizoram mipui pakhat zelin chawhrualin Rs. 1,86,133 an thawkchhuak.

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Directorate of Economics & Statistics General Economic Branch-a State Domestic Product Unit chuan kumkhat chhunga Mizoramin a thawhchhuah tlangpui a tihchhuah danin, kum 2019- 2020 chhung khan mi pakhat zelin Rs. 1,86,133 thawkchhuak angin a chhut a. Kum khat chhunga Mizoram state tharchhuah zawng zawng hlut zawng sum hmanga chantirin a hlutna zat hi State Domestic Product (SDP) niin, SDP hi ram bung khat, state/UT thanna tehna’na huap kim leh tha ber, khawvel hmun hrang hrangah inang tlanga hman a ni tih an sawi.

‘India rama state hrang hrang final estimate chhuah hun hi inang vekin, kum 2020- 2021 hi provisional estimate siam mek a ni a, 2021- 2022 ah advance estimate siamin, a hnu lam kum chu System of National Accounts guidelines angin projection siam a ni,’ a ti.

Data zawng zawng an neih kim hnuah sawrkar laipuia Ministry of Statistic and Programmee Implementation National Statistical Office-a National Accounts Division chuan final estimate tur sawihona a hmanpui thin tih an sawi bawk.

‘SDP hi hlawm lian pathumah then a ni a; 2019-2020 kum khan agriculture leh a kaihhnawih hian za zelah 25.73 a thawkchhuak a, industry sector-in zaa 24.82, service sector-in zaa 49.45 a thawhchhuak a, ram ei leh bar thanna chu zaa 11.93 a ni,’ a ti.

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