Zirtirtu ngiatin zirlaiten kawng dang

Govt. Hrangbanna College zirlaite chuan an college-a zirtirtu indaih lohna a nasat avanga lungawi lohna lantirin Thawhlehni khan an college kawtah kawngpui dangchatin nawrh an huaihawt a, zirtirtu pek belh an la nih loh avangin lungawi lohna lantir chhunzawm zel an tum.

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Govt HBC Students’ Union hruaitute chuan Higher & Technical Education director an biak thu sawiin, thuchiang engmah hriat tur an la neih loh thu leh hun pawthla zawng hlira chhanna an dawn avangin nawrh chhunzawm zel an tum tih The Aizawl Post an hrilh.

Sawrkarin post ruak a hnawhkhat thei lo a nih pawhin tuna a awmsate hi ‘attached’ mai tura an duh thu an sawi bawk.

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