Lawngtlaia SEDP sem dan thlirho

Lawngtlaia SEDP sem dan thlirho
Lawngtlai District Level Socio-Economic Development Policy Committee chu addl DC Abraham Beirazi Khithie hoin Thawhtanni khan an thukhawm a, Family Oriented SEDP Phase-II kalpui dan tur an ngaihtuah.
SEDP Executive Board-in ruahmanna a siamsa zulzuia hmalak dan tur hrang hrang sawi ho niin, Family Oriented SEDP Phase-II kalpui dan tura hunbi ruahman, Phase-I hnuaia hmalak chhunzawm dan tur leh Phase I-a beneficiary titha lawmman (incentive) pek tura endikna kalpui tum dan, Village Level SEDP Committee atanga thu lut thenkhatte sawi ho a ni.
Family Oriented SEDP Phase I-ah hian Mizoram pumah beneficiary 60000 awmin, benefiary tin hnenah Rs. 50000 theuh pek tura ruahman a ni a. Lawngtlai district-a department hrang hrang 8 – Agriculture, AH & Vety, Commerce & Industries, Fisheries, Horticulture, Land Resources Soil & Water Conservation, Sericulture leh UD & PA hnuaiah SEDP beneficiary 4500 an awm a. Heng department ho hnuaia trade hrang hranga beneficiary-te hnenah hian SEDP tanpuina 1st instalment Rs. 25000 chu pek tawh a ni a; 2nd instalment Rs. 25000 pawh pek leh mek niin, beneficiary tam zawkin an dawng tawh a ni.
Ruahman dan chuan, Family Oriented SEDP Phase II-ah hian beneficiary 60000 dang thlan an ni leh dawn a. Tanpuina sum Rs. 50000 dawn tura ruahman chu instalment hnih bawkin pek chhuah tum a ni.
Thutkhawmah hian SEDP Phase II atana hunbi ruahman sa zulzuia Lawngtlai district-a kalpui dan tur sawi ho niin, Village Level SEDP Committee ten District Level Committee-a Phase II beneficiary list an thehluh theih hun tawp bera ruahman, April 30 a nih laiin, Chakma ADC area bik tan CADC inthlan a awm dawn avangin hunbi tiam chu thla khat zela pawhsei sak nise, tih a ni. Phase II tanpuina sum hi August 30 ralhmain 2nd instalment nen pe tla hman vek tura ruahman a ni.

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