Lengpui Airport himna sawipui

Bureau of Civil Aviation Security director general Zulfiqar Hasan leh amah tawiawmtute chuan Inrinni khan chief minister Zoramthanga kawmin Lengpui Airport himna chungchang an sawipui.

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Bureau of Civil Aviation Security (BCAS) hi sawrkar laipui Ministry of Civil Aviation hnuaia department pakhat niin, India ram chhunga domestic leh international airport-a civil flight himna atan hma a la a. Chief minister nen an inkawmnaah BCAS director general chuan Mizoram chu state ralmuang leh him tak a ni chu vannei a tih thu a sawi rualin, venhimna pawimawhna leh BCAS-in civil flight himna atana zawm tur leh ruahmanna an duante a sawipui a ni.

Chief minister chuan BCAS hmalakna leh Lengpui Aiport atana ruahmanna an hlen thenkhat chu tha tiin, state ralmuang taka awm ni mah ila, venhimna thlahthlam a nih loh tur thu a sawi. A tul angin thawktu training pek leh security kaihhnawha hma lak ngai hrang hrang chu a kaihhnawih sawrkar department-te nen inrawnin hma lak zel a nih tur thu a sawi a ni.

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