Life sciences lamah hmasawn ngai zual ti

Union Health Minister Mansukh Mandaviya chuan life science sector a global value neih 40% dawn market $ 6.65 trillion vel lai chu innovation-based product a ni tiin Davos-a World Economic Forum neihnaah a sawi.

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Heng drug thar hmuhchhuah leh innovation chuan heng value hi tisang zelin Indian economy-a industry contribution pawh a tipung dawn a, chu chuan export $ 10-12 billion hu siamin hna tam tak a siam dawn bawk a ni, a ti.

Meeting an neih chhan ber chu life sciences ecosystem tlawm leh tha si, life sciences industry-a hmunawl awm fiah, R&D lama hriatna inpektawn te leh R&D chak tha siam a nih theih nana hmalak te leh life science industry te inelna tha leh chak a awm theih nana innovation ecosystem tha siam te a ni tiin a sawi.

Mandaviya chuan Pharma-MedTech sector te chu an comfort zone chhuahsana innovation lama hma laa an business strategy te tichak turin a ngen a. “India chuan hlobal arena luhchilhin high-volume aiah high-value product a thlurbing tawh,” tiin a sawi bawk.

India sorkar chuan Medical Devices sector lam chu a puih nasat thu sawiin production-linked incentive scheme hmangin bio-pharmaceuticals sector chuan 50% lai 5-year Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) a pe a ni, a ti bawk a.

Therapeutic lam tha zawka duhna demand sang tial tialin personalised diagnostics te, in-home treatment, wearables, telemedicine, etc te chuan product hrang hrang siam theihna siamin service tam tak an pe a ni, a ti bawk.

Mandaviya chuan India sorkar chuan thil pathum a thlurbing a ti bawk a. Pakhatna chu innovation leh product development lam research lamah regulatory framework a ti chak a.

Pahnihnaah fiscal leh non-fiscal measure hmangin innovation lama investment ti te hnenah incentive a pe a ti bawk a. A pathumnaah chuan innovation thlawp nan leh cross-sectoral research tha zawk awm nan facility ecosystem a siam a ni, a ti bawk.

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