LMC inthlan turah scrutiny paltlang zo lo pakhat awm

Lunglei Municipal Council vawi 1-na neih turah nomination paper thehlut 43 zinga pakhat chuan endikna a paltlang zo loa, a paltlang candidate 42-te tan vawiin – March 14 chawhnu dar 3.00 thleng inhnuhdawh theih hun hawn a ni.
Nomination thehluh 43 hi Thawhtanni khan returning officer-ten election observer uapna hnuaiah an endik a, hmeichhe tan bika hauh Ward No.2-a BJP official candidate ni tura nomination thehlut Lalremsangi-a paper chu endik a nih hnu ah hnawl a ni. Midang zawng chuan endikna hi an paltlang.
Ward 11-a then LMC inthlan turah hian political party pali – MNF, Congress, ZPM leh BJP chuan ward tinah candidate an nei dawn niin an puang tawh naa, Ward No.4-a BJP ticket-a ding tura puan Lalzarmawia chuan nomination thehluh theih hun March 10 thleng khan nomination paper a thehlut loa, an zinga pakhatin scrutiny a paltlang loh leh tak avangin candidate 9 chauh an nei ta a ni. Party dang zawng candidate-te nomination paper thehluh chu endik a nih hnu ah pawm a ni a, Thawhlehni chawhnu dar 3.00 thleng inhnukdawk duh tan hun hawn a ni. Inhnukdawk an awm loh chuan he inthlana chuh tur hi mi 42 an ni dawn a ni.
Tarlan tawh thin angin, LMC inthlan hi March 29-ah neih a ni anga, April 3-ah vote chhiar a ni ang.

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