Tanpuia Solo Painting Exhibition nei

Aizawl Art Gallery Khatla-a Tanpuia 10th Solo Painting Exhibition chu Thawhtanni khan tan a ni a, I&PR minister Lalruatkima’n a hawng.
Minister chuan Aizawl Art Gallery & School of Fine Arts-in Solo Painting Exhibition an buatsaih tum 10-na a ni ta chu lawmawm a tih thu a sawi a. Painting pakhat puitlin chhung pawh hun a duh rei zia leh a hautak zia sawiin, thiamna piahlamah inpekna leh taimak a ngaihna a nih laia exhibition hial buatsaih theih chu lawmawm a tih thu a sawi.
“Lemziah hi talent anga sawi thin a nih rualin zira thiam theih thil a ni a, thiamna neite pawh an practice nasat dan azirin hma an sawn zel thin. Mi hlawhtlingte chuan an hlawhtlinna phenah midang hriat loh harsatna tam tak an paltlang thin a, hlawhtlinna hi beidawnna dawt chiahah a awm tih hriatrent a tul,” a ti.
Painting exhibition-ah hian Laltanpuia lemziah 46 phochhuah a ni a. March 13-22 thleng a awh dawn a ni.

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