Lunglei by pass road siamna tur dil

Sawrkarin Lunglei khawpui helna tur, by pass road siam a tum a, a siamna tur hi sawrkar laipuiah a dil mek.
Chief minister Zoramthanga chuan Lunglei khawpui lirthei pung zel avanga traffic jam tih ziaawm a nih theihna’n khawpui helna tur by pass road chu Lunglei khawpui khawthlang lamah siam tum a ni tih a sawi a. By pass road siamna tur hian PM-DeVINE atangin cheng vaibelchhe 303.6 chu 2023 -2024 sawrkar kum atan dil mek a ni tih a sawi.

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Lunglei by pass road siamna atan hian sawrkar hmasa hunlaiin NEDP atanga sum ruahman atangin cheng vaibelchhe 9 hmuh a ni tih chief minister hian a sawi bawk.

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