Policy debate neihpuiah sawm

Mizorama political party dangte chu ‘policy debate’ neihpuiah an sawm tih PC party chuan an sawi.

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PC president Vanlalruata chuan policy debate neihpuia sawmna hi party tinte hnenah an thlen tawh tih sawiin, ‘MLA inthlanpui kum a nih angin party hrang hrangin sawrkarna an chana an tih tur an sawi a, a then phei chu ziaka siamin, mipui hriat turin an puangchhuak tawh a; an policy inangte pawh awmin a inang lote a awm hlawm tih a sawi.

“Thil tha leh tha àwm tak, mipui duhzawng tak tur ziah leh sawi hi thil har a ni lo a, a pawimawh lai chu, kan thil sawite a tihhlawhtlin theih takzet em, tih hi a ni. Hun kal tawhah tihhlawhtlin leh theih si loh, sawi leh tiam a awm thin a, inbumna ang hiala ngaih theih pawh a awm thin,” Vanlalruata hian a ti a. Mipuite chu thutak hrilh tur an nih thu te, an thusawi a tak a nih leh nih loh hriat theih dan kawng awlsam leh tha chu mipui hmuh leh hriat theiha ‘policy debate’ neih a ni, tiin, party tinte debate neihpuiah an sawm tih a sawi a ni.

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