Lunglei hnenah MNF-in lawmthu sawi

Lunglei hnenah MNF-in lawmthu sawi
Municipal Council inthlan nei tur Lunglei chungah MNF party chuan lawmthu a sawi.
MNF Gen. Hqrs. thuchhuak chuan, Lunglei Municipal Counci l(LMC) inthlan tura State Election Commission-in campaign theih hun a siam chhunga political party hrang hrang campaigner-te Lunglei mipuiin dawhthei taka an lo dawnsawn a, an thusawite tha taka an lo ngaihthlak sak avangin an lawm hle tih a sawi a. Chutihrualin, an duh loh zawng khawi maw laia lo ti palh an awm chuan an hriatthiamna a dil nghal tih a sawi a ni.
‘2018 MLA inthlan dawna MNF auhla lian ber pakhat, Lungleiin kawng hrang hranga hma a sawn theihna’n Municipal Council(LMC) din kan tiam a. Pu Zoramthanga kaihhruai MNF sawrkar chuan Leitlangpui tan Municipal Council dinna tur a duang nghal a, 2023 January 13 khan deputy chief minister Pu Tawnluia hoin LMC Pisapui hi hawn a lo ni tawh a. LMC inthlan hmasa ber turah hian, Lunglei mipuiin hmasawnna kawtchhuah in chuan chhuah ngei theihna’n LMC dintu, state-a sawrkar lai MNF party candidate-te hna thawk theia min lo thlantlin sak vek turin kan ngen a ni,’ an thuchhuak chuan a ti.

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