Manipur lamah tanpuina thawn

Central YMA leh Mizo Zirlai Pawl chuan Manipur buaina nghawngah ei leh ina harsatna tawkte chhawmdawlna an thawn.
Inrinni khan Central YMA hian thilpek, truck trip hnih an thawn a. Ch. Chhunga Bus Terminal Thuampui atangin Central YMA president R Lalngheta’n a vailiam. Buhfai quintal 400, dal Rs. 47600 man, tel Rs. 64000 man an thawn a ni.
MZP Gen. Hqrs chuan MZP Hqrs Manipur kaltlangin buhfai bag 70 Churachandpur-ah a thawn a. MZP Hqrs Manipur hian tlawmngai pawl hrang hrang – Joint Philanthropy Organisation kutah a hlan. An ni hian an member harsa zualte hnenah an sem ve leh a ni.
JPO hnena buhfai hlan dan chu – Kuki Khanglai Lawmpi bag 10, Hmar Youth Association bag 10, Young Paite Association bag 10, Simte Youth Organisation bag 5, Zou Youth Organisation bag 5, Young Vaiphei Association bag 10, Young Mizo Association bag 10 a ni. Heng bakah hian mi harsa leh a mamawh zualte hnenah MZP hian kg.10 den denin a sem kual bawk.

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