May 6 velah Cyclone tleh thei ti

India Meteorological Department (IMD) chuan karleh tir lamah Bay of Bengal-ah cyclone a insiam dawn tia sawiin, mahse, engtianga chak tur nge tih leh khawi lam hawiin nge a tleh dawn tih chu hriatfiah theih a la ni lo an ti.
“May 6 velah Bay of Bengal chhim chhak lamah cyclone a insiam ngei hmel a, Central Bay of Bengal hmar lamah a tleh hmel” tiin IMD chuan a sawi a, “Low-pressure a insiam hunah kimchang zawka tarlan a ni ang,” tiin a sawi zui bawk.
Low-pressure hi cyclone insiam nana tihmakmawh niin IMDD chhutnaah chuan tarlan a ni a, May 7 ah chuan low-pressure hi a insiam fel hman dawn nia ngaih a ni.
IMD website-a preliminary analysis tarlanah chuan an weather model chuan cyclone chu May 9 ah insiam tanin May 10-ah chuan ‘severe cyclonic storm’ a ni hman ang a ti.
IMD te hian cyclone classify nan hian tehna panga an nei a, a hniam ber chu ‘cyclonic storm’ (65-68 kmph) niin a chak leh na ber chu ‘super cyclonic storm’ 222 kmph laia chak ni thei a ni a, ‘cyclonic storm’ chung chiahah hian ‘severe cyclonic storm’ 89-117 kmph a thawk thei a awm a ni.
Thlipui thawhna hmun leh weather condition azirin thlipui chu a chak tial tial thei bawk a. Cyclone te hi India chhehvelah May, October leh November-ah te a tleh tlangpui a, furpui intan dawn leh a tawp dawn lamah a thawk tlangpui a ni.
Tun hi kumina cyclone hmasa ber tur niin Cyclone Mocha tih a ni dawn a. A hming hi Yemen phuah niin Red Sea port city hming chawia sak a ni a, cyclone hming hi international convention neiha phuah thin a ni.

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