Messi thahah an vau !!

Tunhnai khan Lionel Messi chuan thaha vauna a tawk a, a nupui Antonela Roccuzzo-te chhungkaw sumdawnna hmunpui supermarket-ah vauna hi kutziaka hnutchhiah a ni.
Karliamta Ningani daih tawh khan motorcycle-a inphur tu tih hriat loh mi pahnih chuan Roccuzzo-te chhungkaw sumdawnna supermarket hi an pawngkah a, silai vawi 14 hmetpuakin, thi leh hliam an awm lo hlauh.
Supermarket kawngkapui pawn lamah kutziaka vauna hnutchhiahin, “Messi, kan nghak reng che. (Pablo) Javkin (Rosario khaw mayor) pawh hi ruihhloa inhnamhnawih a ni a, a chhan hauh lo ang che,” tiin vauna an hnutchhiah.
Messi-te khua Rosario tualchhung media-te chuan hetianga supermarket beitute hian Argentina captain lak atangin sum an beisei niin an tarlang hlawm.
He boruakah hian Inrinni khan Messi naupan lai club Newell chuan Argentine league-a Barracas Central an mikhual hma lawkin Messi chhungkaw thlavang hauhna social media lamah an tarchhuak ve nghal.

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