Miami Heat in 76ers an hneh

April 7, Zirtawp zinga NBA regular season khelhah Miami Heat chuan an khingpui Philadelphia 76ers chu point 129-101 in an hneh a, play-off khelh phak beiseina an nei chhunzawm zel. Inkhel dangah Phoenix Suns chuan Denver Nuggets an hneh a, Western Conference-ah palina an luah nghet.
Eastern Conference-ah pasarihnaa awm mek Miami Heat hian 76ers lakah bul an tan tha viau a, quarter khatnaah point 10 in chungnung zawkah an tang nghal. Quarter hnihnaah chungnung zui lehin an hmahruaina an tizau a. Quarter thumnaah hnufual zawkah tang zauh mahse quarter linaah point 10 zetin an chungnung zui leh nghal zat a. Point 28 zetin an khingpuite an hneh zui ta a ni.
76ers an hneh tum hian Heat tan Jimmy Butler leh Tyler Herro ten point 24 ve ve an thawkchhuak. 76ers an hneh vangin play-off khelh phak an beisei zui zel a. Regular season khelh hmabak pahnih chauh an neih tawh vangin Heat hian an chung chiaha awm Brooklyn Nets chetsual an chang.
Tarlan tawh thin angin Eastern Conference leh Western Conference table-a sang parukten direct in play-off an khel phak a. Pa 7-na atanga 10-na thleng ten play-off khel tur zawnna ‘play-in’ an khel leh dawn a. Miami Heat hian direct-a play-off khelh phak tumin tan an khawh zui ang.
Zirtawp zinga inkhel dangah Phoenix Suns chuan point 119-115 in Denver Nuggets an hneh a. Suns hian Western Conference-ah palina ni chungin play-off an khel zui ang.

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