Mihring tam lamah India-in China lehpel

India-a chu Guinness World Record chuan khawvel ram pakhata mihring tam berna record siamtu a nih thu a puang a, India-ah hian mihring tluklehdingawn 1.425 chuang awm angin an chhut. United Nations Population Division chuan India-a mihring awm zat hi 1,42,57,75,850 angin an tarlang a, hei hi ram pakhata mihring tam berna record a ni.
China hi 1950 atang khan khawvela ram pakhata mihring tam berna record siamtu an ni char char a, 2022-ah pawh khan mihring tluklehdingawn 1.426 awm angin an chhut a, mahse, hei hi tunah a tlahniam a, India-in a khum ta a ni. Ram len zawngah erawh China hi India aiin a let thum velin a lian zawk a ni. India-ah hi square kilometer maktaduai 3.287 a lian a ni a, China erawh square kilometer maktaduai 9.597 a lian a ni ve thung.
China hi United States aiin a te hret chauh a ni a, Asia-ah chuan ram lian ber niin, khawvelah pawh ram len lamah palina a ni a, India hi ram len lamah khawvelah pasarihna a ni ve thung.

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