Pa a thau chuan fa pawh an thau duh

I pa a thau em? Chuti a nih chuan nang pawhin i pa chhun theihna chance i ngah hle a nia! Chutih rualin nu thau erawhin nghawng a nei ve tehchiam lo niin mithiam ten an sawi thung.
University of Newcastle, Australia a mithiam te chuan chhungkaw 3000 chuangah zirchianna neiin, naupang kum 4 a upa, an pa te thau (overweight) chu kum riat an tlinin an kum rualpui dangte aia thau theihna (obese) theihna risk an nei sang zawk niin an sawi.
He zirchianna hi chhungkaw hrang hrang, nu leh pa te thau dan inang lo, chhungkaw 3000 chuangah, 2004 a\anga 2008 chhungin neih a ni a, zirchiannaa an hotu Emily Freeman chuan, “Nu leh pa an thau (obese or overweight) chuan an fate tan pawh obese theihna risk a sang bik a ni,” a ti.
He zirchianna chungchang hi Fox News-in a tichhuak a ni.

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