Miley ‘Flowers’-in Spotify stream record siam nawn

Miley Cyrus hla hit ‘Flowers’ chuan kar khat chhunga Spotify-a hla stream nasat ber record a siam a, a hmaa hetiang record siamtu pawh ‘Flowers’ hla tho hi niin, amah leh amah a rawn inkhum a, kar hnih chhung a zawnin Spotify-a hla stream nasat ber a ni thei hmasa ber a ni bawk.

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Spotify chuan ‘Flowers’ record siam thu hi Twitter-ah an tweet a, “Hei hi a officiale…Record siam an awm @MileyCyrus hian January ni 26-ah amah record a khum a, #Flowers chu Spotify history-ah kar khat chhunga hla stream nasat ber a ni,” an ti.

Spotify hian stream zat chiah hi an puang lo nain, ‘Flowers’ hla hian January ni 19 khan record a lo siam tawh a, heta record a siam hi a kar hnihnaah a rawn khum leh nghal zat a ni.

He hla hi ngaihzawng thenna hla a ni a, Miley hian ngaihzawng nei lo mah se hlim takin a awm thei tih vel a puanna hla a ni a, Miley hian a tu ngaihzawng ber nge he hla hi a phuahna chhan tih chu hriat ni chiah lo mah se Liam Hemsworth a tihchhan ber niin a ngaih theih a, a chhan hi a hla hi Hemsworth-a pianchamphaah tak a tihchhuak tlat a ni.

Tunlai chu hetianga ngaihzawng thenna hla hi a lar thei riau a, Shakira-i’n a ‘ex’ Gerard Pique a kah zuina hla pawh tunlai hla lar ber pawl a nih mek hi!

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