YouTube-a stream nasat ber playback singer Alka Yagnik

Hindi cinema-a playback singer hriathlawh tak Alka Yagnik chuan K-pop star BTS lehpelin zaithiam zinga YouTube-a stream nasa ber a ni ta. Alka hian Bollywood chawimawina Filmfare Awards-ah pawh Best Felame Playback Singer tum sarih a dawng tawh a, nomination-ah phei chuan vawi 36 a lang tawh a, National Film Awards pawh pahnih a dawng tawh, Bollywood music industry-a hmeichhe zaithiam hla record hnem ber pawl a ni.

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Tunah chuan a record siam hi India mai a ni tawh lova, khawvel huap a ni ta. Guinness World Records-in an tarlan danin he Bollywood playback singer hi nikum, 2022 chhung khan YouTube-ah vawi tluklehdingawn 15.3 stream a ni a, chawhrualin nitin vawi maktaduai 42 vel stream ziah ang a ni. Alka hi 2021-ah pawh YouTube-ah hian vawi tluklehdingawn 17.7 stream niin, hemi kuma stream nasat ber a ni a, 2020-ah pawh record siamin, vawi tluklehdingawn 16.6 stream a ni tawh bawk.

2022-a YouTube-a stream nasat ber dawttu chu Bad Bunny niin, vawi tluklehdingawn 14.7 stream a ni a, top 5-a lang zaithiam dang pathum te pawh Indian singer vek niin, Udit Narayan (tluklehdingawn 10.8), Arijit Singh (tluklehdingawn 10.7) leh Kumar Sanu (tluklehdingawn 9.09) te an ni.

YouTube streaming-ah hian BTS (tluklehdingawn 7.95) leh BLACKPINK (tluklehdingawn 7.03) te pawh top 10-ah an lang a, The Weeknd chu vawi tluklehdingawn 5.7 stream niin, 13-na a ni a, Taylor Swift chu vawi tluklehdingawn 4.33 stream niin, 26-na a ni pha chauh a, Drake chu vawi tluklehdingawn 2.9 stream niin, 50-na a ni ve bawk.

Kolkata a piang, Alka Yagnik, kum 56, hian 1990s atangin rimawi khawvel a luhchilh a, vawiin thlengin a la inhmang a, hla 20,000 chuang record tawhin, heng a hla record te hi album leh film hla te an ni. Alka hi BBC-in Top 40 Bollywood Soundtrack of All Time list an siamah pawh a lang pha a ni

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