Minister-in Sainik School tlawh

Minister-in Sainik School tlawh
Sainik School Chhingchhip leh Baktawng Public Playground laih hna thawh mek chu Nilaini khan Tuikum bialtu MLA, minister Er Lalrinawma chuan a tlawh.
Sainik School thuneitute nena an inkawmnaah minister chuan, India ram huapa school tha Sainik School, a bial Chhingchhipa a awm chu lawmawm a tih thu a sawi a. Mizoram chhung leh pawn atanga zirna tha duha he school-a kal, hlawhtlin tum tak takte hmel hmuh chu thlamuan thlak a tih thu a sawi.
Minister hian Administrative building, hostel, khelmual leh hmun pawimawh hrang hrang a tlawhkual a, School Assembly ground-ah zirlaite nen an inkawm bawk.
School administrative officer Maj. Kalyan S leh a thawhpuiten lo dawngsawngin an inkawm a. Minister-in an school a tlawh chu an lawm hle tih lo hrilhin, mamawh an neihte an lo thlen a ni.
Sainik School a tlawh zawhin minister hian Baktawng Public Playground laih hna thawh mek a tlawh a, hmalak zel dan tur khawtlang hruaitute nen an sawi ho a ni.

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