Minister-in Sericulture hmunhma tlawh

Sericulture minister Er. Lalrinawma chuan Zirtawpni khan Sericulture Directorate office leh Training Institute a tlawh.

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Sericulture department-a thawktuten thahnemngai taka ram hmasawnna atana hna an thawk thin leh hmalakna hrang hrang theihtawp chhuaha an kalpui thin chu fakawm a tih thu minister hian a sawi a. Rilru leh ngaihtuahna thar nen thawk zel turin a fuih.

Tunlai incheina sang zelah mamawh phuhru thei turin silk dehchhuahna kawngah theihtawp chhuah a tul thu leh Mizoram silk hmanga thil siam chu khawvel huap pawha zahpui awm lo leh tun aia ram mipui pawhin kan ngaihhlut zel a beisei thu a sawi a. Thawktute chu an thiamna midang zirtir ve zel turin a chah.

Minister hi Sericulture director V Zothansanga leh a thawhpuiten lo dawngsawngin, directorate-a section hrang hrang bakah Aizawl District Sericulture office leh Sericulture Training Institute Zemabawka Cocoon Storage Room, Reeling factory, Dyeing Unit, Twisting Unit leh Bawngkawna Department Showroom-te a tlawh a. Thawktute nen inkawmin hmasawn zel dan tur an sawi ho a ni.

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