Mizoram sorkarin cheng vaibelchhe 4345.43 puk tawh

Chief minister Zoramthanga, finance changtuin Mizoram sorkarin sum a puk zat a sawi a, 2019 January atanga 2023 January thlengin Mizoram sorkarin cheng vaibelchhe 4345.43 a puk tawh thu House a hrilh.

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Aizawl South I bialtu C Lalsawivunga zawhna chhangin finance changtu, chief minister hian financial institution leh bank hrang hrang atangin 2019 January atanga 2023 January thlengin Mizoram sorkarin Rs 43,45,43,30,387 a puk tawh tih a sawi.

NABARD, REC Limited, National Cooperative Development Corporation (NCDC), Power Finance Corporation Limited (PFCL), Open Market Borrowings (RBI kaltlanga bank hrang hrang atanga puk) te atangin sum hi puk a ni.
A tam ber chu Open Market Borrowings atanga puk a ni a, Rs 36,81,42,00,000 puk a ni.
Chief minister hian Covid-19 vangin CM Relief Fund-ah Rs 31,37,73,097 a lut tih a sawi bawk a, balance Rs 99,60,741 a awm tih a sawi bawk.

Sum puk zat
Pukna Puk zat
NABARD Rs 6,53,86,13,600
REC Rs 5,63,35,243
NCDC Rs 4,23,72,100
PFCL Rs 43,45,43,30,387
OMB Rs 36,81,42,00,000

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