Mizoramah Salvation Army hotulu

India Eastern Territory Territorial Congress hmanpui turin Salvation Army hotulu ber, General Brian Peddle-a leh a nupui, World Women’s Ministry president, Commissioner Rosalie Peddle te chuan Thawhtanni khan Mizoram an rawn thleng.

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General Brian Peddle te nupain an hmanpui tur India Eastern Territorial Congress hi February 1-5 chhunga Aizawla neih tur a ni a. Salvation Army hnuaia naupang, thalai, paho leh nuho pawl hrang hrang puala hun hman a nih dawn bakah vantlang inkhawm neih a dawn a. Programme hrang hrangah hian Salvation Army hotulu hi tel tura beisei a ni.

Hei bakah hian Salvation Army biak in thar pathum – Phunchawng Corp, Hunthar Corp leh Vaivakawn Corp te a hawng ang.

Zanin hian India Eastern Territory Territorial Commander Col. Lalhmingliana’n General-te nupa hi zanriah a buatsaih sak anga, Nilaini zanah chief minister Zoramthanga’n CM Bangla-ah zanriah a buatsaihsak ve thung ang.
Mizoram sawrkar chuan General Brian Peddle hi state sawrkar khual pawimawh (state guest) angin a lo mikhual a ni.

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