MPF leh political party-te Thawhhona Thuthlung sawiho

Thawhlehni khan Synod Committee Room No.1-ah Mizoram People’s Forum (MPF) kaihhruainain MPF leh political party-te inthlan chungchanga thawhhona thuthlung sawiho a ni a, rawtnate pawh a tlangpuiin an pawm.

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Tun tumah hian thuthlung chungchanga rawtna hi an sawiho a, hemi baka rawtna nei duh political party te’n January 2023 chhungin MPF ah rawtna thlen ni se an ti. Hemi hnuah hian a tul a nih chuan meeting neih leh ni se an ti bawk.

Meeting nei leh kher lova rawtna lo lutte siam rem theih a nih chuan inhmuhkhawm leh ngai tawh lovin party-te hian thawhhona thuthlung hi ziah mai ni se an ti a, MPF-in political party-te office-ah kalin president theuhte hming an ziahtir ang.

He hunah hian political party hrang hrang – BJP, MPCC, MNF, PC, ZPM aiawh mi pahnih theuh an tel a, MPF Governing Board member 18 an tel bawk.

Inthlan chungchanga thawhhona thuthlung bakah hian MPF-ah Kohhran pawl dang la tel lote an tel ve ngei theihnan tan MPF-in chak takin hma la se an ti bawk.

Rev Dr Vanlalnghaka Ralte, MPF president chuan MPF leh political party ten thawhhona thuthlung kan buatsaih hi keimahni hming ziah hnan ngei a nih dawn avangin a hlawhtlin theihnan theihtawp chhuah tlang turin a chah.
November 29, 2022 khan Central YMA Committee Room-ah inthlan chungchanga thawhhona thuthlung hi an lo sawiho tawh a ni.

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